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Create Your First Campaign Within 5 Minutes!
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Neovo Signage Digital Signage

Cloud-based Digital Signage Solutions

Neovo Signage gives customers a one-stop digital signage cloud solution, through a combination of displays, media players, a simple-to-use software for users to utilize a wide range of valuable tools. Unlike other solutions focusing exclusively on hardware or software, Neovo Signage, awarded as the best digital signage software, integrates both for optimal efficiency and user experience, offering real-time, flexible, scalable solutions for customers – accommodating digital signage needs of all customer types and sizes. Our platform is meant to easily adjust to the changing signage needs of your business.

The Best Digital Signage Software

Neovo Signage best digital signage software awarded by rAVe in 2019

Awarded Winning by rAVe, 2019

Why Neovo Signage?

Reliable Stability

Our free registration software, displays, and media players offered on our platform work seamlessly to deliver your message – with 0% interruptions.

High-Grade Security

This solution is powered by Amazon Web Services, a service known for its state-of-the-art security practices. You can rest assured that your data is safe (both in transit and at rest) with this extra layer of protection.

Save Time & Money

Outsourcing your digital signage obligations save both company time and money. This allows you to invest your energy and finances into other, more demanding areas of business.

20+ Apps

Users have the option of adding real-time and informative widgets such as Time, Weather, RSS feeds, images, and HD videos streaming or webpages to engage with passing customers.


Whether one is running a small business, a few chain stores, or managing restaurants across different cities and countries, Neovo Signage’s powerful cloud signage solution can be adjusted to suit these needs.  Our ease of scalability is unmatched.

Adaptive Campaigns

Neovo Signage can integrate with your business’ backend system, with features including:

  • Alert systems
  • Warehouse stock
  • Point-of-sales

The cloud signage can automatically change your signage to support ever-changing promotional items.

Interactive Signage

Our solution offers a wide variety of interactive content to help you interact and engage with your audience. These include:

  • Gesture/motion detection
  • NetMouse
  • QR Code
  • Wayfinding
  • People Count & Queue Management

Remote Management

This cloud signage software allows you to create, schedule content, and publish real-time content remotely. Meet your marketing goals and engage with audiences from anywhere in the world;  ensuring operations continue running smoothly even while you’re on vacation or away from the office.

Total Solutions of Digital Signage

Neovo Signage Premium One-stop Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution

Premium One-stop Solution

With Neovo Signage’s premium solution, users can access:

  • AG Neovo’s NSD-series 43” ~ 86” digital displays with built-in Android operating system
  • Free cloud-based software registration

This solution comes with a quick setup process and seamless, stable cloud-based digital signage solutions with easy-to-manage displays and content in the cloud.

Neovo Signage Custom One-stop cloud-based Digital Signage Solution

Custom One-stop Solution

Users who prefer a more tailored experience can opt for our customized, one-stop solution.

Our custom one-stop cloud signage lets you choose from the available displays and options to upgrade or set up your desired digital signage flexibly.

Digital Signage Software Pricing

Neovo Signage Logo

The total cost of your digital signage solutions will depend on factors such as the duration you need the sign to be active, total volume, etc. Get in touch with one of our representatives today to help guide you in your selection process (and to receive a breakdown of the following information). 

Our “Full” plan is highly customizable – meaning you’ll only pay for what you need. Contact us today to learn more about what our plans have to offer. 

* The displays, media player costs are not included.

Free Version
1 User Account to Manage Unlimited Devices
100 MB Cloud Storage
8x Free Layouts
3x Custom Layouts
1x Campaign Per Device
20 Embedded Apps Trial Version
Remote Management
Smart Publication
Device Tagging
Optional Interactive Digital Signage
Full Version
1 User Account to Manage Unlimited Devices
1000 MB Cloud Storage
8x Free Layouts
100x Custom Layouts
500x Campaign Per Device
20 Embedded Apps Annual License
Remote Management
Smart Publication
Device Tagging
Optional Interactive Digital Signage

3 Steps to Publish Your Creatives

#1. Log In

To get started, you’ll simply need to register and log in to the Neovo Signage. From here, you’ll have all the management tools and options you’ll need to design and tweak your campaign as necessary.

#2. Match Your Devices

Next, you can then find all connected media players or displays that are suitable for your campaign and match with them. Our Full package provides the option to “tag” devices when publishing content; ensuring dynamic contents are efficiently published to the right devices.

#3. Create & Publish

We provide you with a user-friendly dashboard to help edit or expand your campaign as needed. Tools include the ability to drag and drop widgets, edit images, video and options to schedule your publishing. Neovo Signage also comes with a free template bundle to easily switch out or edit your campaign design, or come up with new ideas down the line. 

Manage the Content on the Right Displays

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage solution allows one account to manage multiple digital signage displays

One Account, Unlimited Displays Managed

No matter how many digital signage displays are deployed in one store or different places, Neovo Signage provides a centralized content management workflow to manage multiple displays with one account.

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage solution offers device tag function for easy management

Push Right Digital Signage Contents to Tagged Devices

This solution lets you tag your displays or media players based on location, section, or other preferences. This tag function ensures that dynamic content can be efficiently published to the right devices in specific sub-groups across multiple locations. For example, all front entrance displays among multiple locations can be part of one group, and all the cash register displays could be part of another group.

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage solution is able to integrate with retail POS

Auto Change Contents Based On the Stock

Neovo Signage can be linked to your backend point-of-sale or stock-management data systems.  When your current promotion items are running out, Neovo Signage can automatically change contents to alternatives, creating more flexible campaigns for your business and keeping your business being non-stop.

A girl is using Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage interactive application

Upgrade to Interactive Signage

Neovo Signage solution creates the possibility for you to upgrade to interactive digital signage to interact with your customers, like QR code scanning to control displayed messages by mobile devices, action detection to automatically broadcasting product information, etc. This interactive content helps your customers to know more details about your products and services.

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage software provides various applications.

20+ Applications to Engage with Your Customers

In order to attract your customers’ eyeballs to your real-time and dynamic content, Neovo Signage offers various informative widgets, like Digital Menu Board, Time, Weather, RSS feeds, video streaming, or webpages, for you to engage with passing customers.

Unlike other software offering you one fixed package with all applications, Neovo Signage provides a free cloud-based digital signage software for you to trial the app first and purchase the proper application that you really need. 

Grow Your Business With Neovo Signage

Publish a campaign to one or hundreds of displays using virtually any internet-enabled device.  Experience AG Neovo cloud-based digital signage solution – free account registration, free feature, and a free trial period to try out all of our speciality functions.

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