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Why Choose Neovo Signage Digital Signage Software?

One-stop for Hardware and Software: our solution features comprehensive digital displays and a cloud-based interactive digital signage app that excels in any scenario, meaning that you won’t have to waste time looking for devices or an additional software solution separately. Simply find the right digital signage based on your desired resolution, size, and content creation, and let Neovo Signage do the rest.

Touch-free programming: Thanks to our dedicated Neovo Signage digital signage software, it’s possible to fully program your interactive digital signs without the need to buy touchscreen digital displays. Our app makes it easy to turn non-touch displays into fully interactive interfaces without deploying touch screens.

Seamless Integration: Neovo Signage’s cloud signage has been designed in order to champion simple integration into your existing business systems. Whether you’re looking to optimize your interactive displays to deliver timely notifications, show surveillance footage, or provide valuable information to customers or staff, we can customize your integrated apps to suit your business goals.

Interactivity Championed by The Cloud

In addition to our leading signage displays, Neovo Signage offers cloud-based digital signage software that aids businesses in creating engaging and interactive experiences. Now it’s possible to set up an interactive kiosk for wayfinding, touch screens for menu board orders, or digital retail touchscreens displaying promotional advertising – all while enabling customers to directly interact with content via touchscreen interactive technology or mobile devices.

QR Code interactive digital signage icon

QR Code

With Neovo Signage it’s possible to scan QR Codes on our signage screens to find out more information or complete orders directly on mobile devices.

Netmouse interactive digital signage icon


Our solution makes it easier than ever to transform mobile devices into a mouse. It helps users to operate content on the mobile screen and enjoy a more immersive experience.

Interactive Button interactive digital signage icon

Interactive Button

Build fully interactive content for users to touch, swipe, and fully engage with touchscreen digital signage.

By using Netmouse interactive digital signage app, you can use mobile phone to control digital signage content.


NetMouse app creates the perfect interactive experience for your business without the need for a touch screen. It enables customers to use their mobile devices to operate digital signage content after scanning a unique link in the form of an embedded QR Code on-screen. With this app, it’s possible to create fully immersive signage content, such as highlighted products, limited promotional items, time-sensitive content, and so on. Customers can then use their mobile devices to choose what they’re interested in and click to see more related information on-screen via instructions sent from their device. You can create interactive content, like highlighted products, promotional items, etc, and customers can use mobile devices to choose what they are interested in, showing more related information on the screen by using their devices. 

Possible Netmouse scenarios:

  • Product Portfolio
  • Interactive Advertising

QR Code

By utilizing an embedded QR Code app, it’s possible to offer passers-by the ability to use their mobile devices to summon tailor-suited information onto the interactive digital display they’re viewing or navigating to a specific website on their devices. When a viewer scans the QR Code with a smartphone, the specified URL is opened within a mobile browser – saving users time manually typing out URLs. By adopting QR Codes within your content, it’s possible to send users to specific websites, offer them the chance to vote in polls, present them with redeemable downloadable coupons, or direct them to an eCommerce site to complete an order.

Possible QR Code scenarios:

  • Information Sharing
  • Online Shop Order
Using QR code interactive digital signage app and check content on the mobile device.
Two girls are using fingers to touch display

Interactive Button

By deploying touch screen digital signage displays, as well as interactive billboard creation, customers have the ability to directly find relevant information by interacting with the screen. This allows users to engage with content in a way that requires no mediation from handheld devices or browsers. By utilizing touch-enabled signage, visitors can seek out relevant information, complete orders, and share feedback with businesses – all while remaining engaged with the display.

Possible touch screen scenarios:

  • Wayfinding Self-Serve Interactive Kiosk
  • Special Advertising Campaign

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IoT Integration With Customized Interactive Digital Signage

Neovo Signage proudly supports IoT (Internet of Things) interactive technology. By customizing your dedicated apps, third-party system integration software, and other digital displays with external data connectors, it’s possible to broadcast real-time information alongside signage content. You can also manage your space capacity and display more interactive product demos to better engage with customers.

capacity control icon

Capacity Control

Generate comprehensive control and capacity management for stores via IoT functionality.

emergency messaging icon

Automated Emergency Messaging

Integrate your alarm system with Neovo Signage interactive digital displays and automatically generate push emergency announcements in real-time.

lift and learn icon

Lift & Learn Capabilities

Pick an item to generate relevant information about the product on the screen automatically. This feature can help users to learn valuable information before making a purchase.

Neovo Signage interactive digital signage solution offers people counting.

Automatic People Counting

With the help of a dedicated people counter, Neovo Signage interactive digital signage can allow users to comfortably monitor the volumes of people entering and exiting store locations. It aims to help businesses broadcast dynamic content in real-time to engage larger and smaller audiences or more nuanced viewers.

Lift & Learn Solutions

Customized lift & learn solutions are ideal for aiding viewers with multiple product comparisons in retail outlets. When a customer picks up a product, the display will acknowledge it by adapting its content to display relevant information to what the customer is physically engaging in. This function helps to inform the decisions that customers make.

Neovo Signage offers lift and learn interactive app.
Neovo Signage offers emergency messaging digital signage.

Emergency Messaging Functionality

In addition to real-time broadcast announcements such as event schedule changes, product launches, and limited offers, Neovo Signage can seamlessly integrate with emergency notification systems. Behaving in a similar manner to fire alarms, you can help ensure that your business provides clear and actionable digital signs in an emerging crisis – helping to alert customers and direct them safely and efficiently.

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