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Bring Your Own Devices with Meetboard®
Your business requires innovative solutions for wireless presentations. Meetboard makes it possible.
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Bring Your Own Devices with Meetboard®
Your business requires innovative solutions for wireless presentations. Meetboard makes it possible.

Wireless Presentation on Meetboard®

Interactive Displays for Screen Mirroring and Wireless Presentation

It can be a challenge to present big ideas to clients or brainstorm with your team members if you are relying on a sloppy outdated whiteboard. Meetboard®, an interactive flat panel display, allows you to do wireless presentation via AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring from individual devices to the screen without the need for third-party software installation or an external wireless dongle.

This cutting-edge screen mirroring technology allows you to write directly on the screen for wireless presentations during remote or on-site meetings. Meetboard is compatible with any mobile device or notebook, so you can wirelessly access information from your meeting anywhere at any time. Sharing information has never been so easy.

Screen Sharing & Wireless Presentation on Meetboard Interactive Displays | AG Neovo

3 Steps to Start Your Wireless Screen Mirroring

The display is compatible with AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast, without downloading an external app. This allows everyone to access your wireless presentation without delay. The process is simple and fast.

Step 1

Open and Connect

Tap Bytello Share’s icon on the Meetboard Home Screen and type the same Wi-Fi code in your Bytello Share App on your device.

Step 2

In the Same Wireless Network

Once your device and Meetboard are connected to the same network, screen mirroring begins automatically, so you can get started fast.

Step 3

Real-Time Screen Mirroring

Share screens on up to 9 different devices. This allows multiple users to view notes in real-time and save presentations without taking screenshots.

Meetboard interactive display supports Airplay, Miracast and Chromecast

BYOD Support

With Meetboard, your attendees don’t have to install an external app onto their personal device to access basic features. You can wirelessly share files, photos, and YouTube videos in real-time right on the screen.

Meetboard interactive display support up to 6 screen mirroring images

Up to 9 Screens Mirroring

Meetboard allows you to wirelessly share your device with up to 9 screens at once, enabling multiple people to collaborate and contribute to the presentation at the same time.

A man annotates on screen mirroring image on Meetboard interactive display

Instantly Share and Save

The instant annotation toolbar allows you to take notes, highlight, or draw on the screen and share them in real-time. Once the meeting is over, you can save these images easily.

Bytello Share Software for Wireless Presentation

While you don’t need any external apps to use many of Meetboard’s features, you can install Bytello Share App on your device to take full advantage. In addition to advanced mirroring, you can also share your device’s video camera for live demonstrations and sync your mobile devices or control Meetboard remotely.

Meetboard supports mobile devices to sync with the interactive displays

Sync Mobile Devices on Meetboard

Powered by the Bytello Share App, you can synchronize the Meetboard screen with mobile devices or notebooks.

You are free to write, draw, and take notes on your own connected device and Meetboard will simultaneously show your annotation on the big screen.

Save screen mirroring images on either Meetboard interactive display or mobile devices

Don’t Miss out on an Annotation Tool

When you use Bytello Share App, you can even share your own notes and annotations for even more enhanced collaboration. These annotations can be saved so you can share them with team members, clients, and shareholders who were unable to attend the meeting, or use them in future meetings.

Import screen mirroring image to Meetboard whiteboard app

Enjoy Collaboration with Meetboard App

Meetboard Whiteboard App also features an ‘insert’ function in which you can take a screenshot and insert it into the whiteboard app instantly. This allows everyone to take advantage of Meetboard’s comprehensive suite of drawing tools, encouraging better collaboration and more in-depth discussions.

Meetboard works seamlessly with Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android for the ultimate convenience. This means your coworkers and clients can enjoy high-quality presentations and contribute to the conversation on a device that feels natural to them without worrying about whether or not they will be able to access documents, videos, and images.

Are You Ready to Power Better Wireless Presentation?

If you are ready to provide your clients with better virtual presentations, it might be time to invest in Meetboard. Give us a call today to request a free demo and discover all of the amazing features our interactive displays have to offer.

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