Top 3 Interactive Digital Signage Trends in Retail for 2022

Interactive digital signage trends in retailing

Interactive Digital Signage has shown its importance by delivering emergency messages and capacity control in retail environments during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. While the situation was still not getting better at the beginning of 2022, people were again forced to stay at home and limited to going out for shopping, so what should we expect the interactive signage to help retailers for 2022?

Interactive signage allows customers to engage with the business and its promotions. It lets customers:

  • ‘Try’ products
  • Find inventory
  • Make purchases
  • Submit feedback or data
  • View product options

This form of interactive digital advertising is highly targeted. Personalized advertising is enticing for customers. Signs can be placed anywhere, and customers can receive special promotions based on:

  • Their specific online profile
  • The location of the sign
  • The time of scanning

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Interactive Digital Signage Definition

Interactive digital signage is the new generation of digital signage by adding interactive functions to broadcast appealing, customizable, and real-time content through videos or other multimedia. It also allows users to engage and interact with relevant information or advertising content via the screen.

A mom with her daughter is using an interactive digital signage in a shopping mall

The Growing Importance of Interactive Signage System

Through the rapid development of technology, the digital signage industry becomes very prosperous, digital signage can integrate various advanced technology such as Touch screens, IoT, RFID, gesture & voice recognition, and third-party interactive digital signage software. Incorporating these technologies has given us self-checkout kiosks, museum guides, and touchscreen walls.

Looking back to 2020, we were currently in a time when human interaction was at its lowest. Interactive digital signage then stood out to provide plenty of commercial and social benefits, while the health and safety of employees and customers were becoming difficult to guarantee.

Firstly, digital screens in retail stores can communicate precautions and emergency alerts, like store capacity and space control, in addition to promotion messages. The interactive signage can offer smart solutions and be linked to databases or small cameras to maintain customer safety and social distancing by detecting people one by one when they come into stores.

Besides increased safety and efficiency in retailing, interactive signage has other advantages. For businesses, it can still allow customers to find information or purchase via their mobile devices, instead of touching the screen as before. In-store shopping can still be safe in 2022.

A person is using a mobile phone to find information related to the clothes

1. Touchless Interactivity

The touchless solution offers a better customer experience in the future, and the pandemic makes this option become faster and go beyond our thinking.

In 2021, digital signage software, which provides touchless features on digital displays, can be popular and drive more sales, helping people comply with social distancing regulations to fight against the pandemic.

QR Code

Customers can scan the QR Code via their phone’s internet browser on the signage display screen and immediately begin using the display ‘hands-free.’

QR Code makes customer interactions remain safe. Customers do not need to download an app on the spot or enter a URL. QR Code also boasts the opportunity for customers to:

  • Be directed to specific websites
  • Vote in polls
  • Redeem downloadable coupons
  • Direct them to online order completion

An added benefit of QR Code is that they are compatible with any smartphone. Apps need to be compatible with the operating system of a smartphone. App development can be costly so that users on iOS and Android can use the interactions.

QR Code can also lead customers to further information or to complete orders. This feature can also encourage users to complete interactions using their devices. By having time-sensitive, or limited promotions, customers have an incentive to use the app.

See the tutorial videos:

How to Create QR Code to a Digital Signage Display | Neovo Signage | #5


NetMouse allows users to move their fingers as mouse cursors to be controlled wirelessly via mobile devices and interact with touchscreen displays without touching them. Beginning in 2020, touching the screens that other customers are using feels risky. Especially given that you cannot use touchscreens well with most gloves.

That is why NetMouse will be more critical in 2021. NetMouse turns even non-touch displays fully interactive. Customers can interact with your digital signage by using their phones. No upgrades to touchscreens are necessary.

See the tutorial videos:

How to Create NetMouse to a Digital Signage Campaign | Neovo Signage | #6

2. Data-driven and Personalization

IoT Integration

IoT technology integration will be widely used in digital signage for 2022. Businesses can adopt an external smart display module and offer smart and high-performance solutions to digital signage displays. External data connectors enable the live broadcasting of real-time information.

Using third-party IoT technological integrations, digital signage can also come equipped with queue management. This feature allows business owners to track capacity within their stores. This technology can help retailers adhere to social distancing rules and direct traffic to keep customers safe.

Live tracking of capacity data is also crucial to make sure you comply with your local regulations. Fines and sanctions are unwanted burdens during a time when many businesses are cutting costs.

Additionally, fewer employee-customer interactions reduce the risk of spreading disease. Let’s keep both your employees and your customers safe and secure.

Businesses can even broadcast unique content in real-time to in-store customers. Smaller groups of loyal customers that made it to your store can get a warm welcome.

Digital signage with IoT technology is used for detecting people in a super market


Digital signage also allows you to build fully interactive content through RFID sensing technology. Customers can use all common gestures to navigate and select items without touching the screens. It is critical not to lose customers from other online services due to touchless interactivity.

In a retailing environment, customers can pick an item to generate relevant information about the product on the screen automatically, it is called “lift-and-learn.” This feature can help users to learn valuable information before making a purchase. Interactive content allows them to do so without jeopardizing safety.

The digital signage is showing ads related to smart phone while a person is lifting a smart phone

3. Automated Content Creation

Digital signs can handle schedule changes, limited offers, and product launches. But during the pandemic, digital signs can display emergency measures while connecting to remote systems. Alarm systems connected to IR sensors can detect store capacity and deliver warning messages on signage because of overcapacity. All while utilizing a route that maximizes social distancing.

Displays can also behave like fire alarms, even helping to guide your customers out of the store.

A digital signage shows warning messages because of overcapacity

New Horizons with Interactive Digital Signage

In the coming year, many businesses are hoping to recover losses. Meanwhile, the demand for touchless interactive and personalized experiences digital signage delivered remains in rapid growth. Self-Service Innovation Summit 2020 also suggests businesses should provide more touchless options. Customers expect to see more non-touch interactive content moving onto digital signage in 2022.

Besides the above-mentioned trends, the application borrowed from new technology like 3D displays, augmented, and virtual reality in digital signage is also on the rise.

Data-driven technology allows targeting and personalization based on location and customer data, but still, security and privacy protection on information sharing will be a growing pressure.

Neovo Signage, a cloud-based digital signage software, offering premium commercial and interactive signage solutions, will help your business keep a personal touch with your customers with customized campaigns. At the same time, Neovo Signage helps you capitalize on sale potential.

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