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Meetboard 3 Makes Your On-site and Remote Collaborations More Engaging
Build & Design
Meetboard 3 Makes Your On-site and Remote Collaborations More Engaging

Hybrid Workplace

Interactive Displays for Hybrid Workplace

Nowadays, offices are reopening again with a new wave of change. Business owners give employees more flexibility to work on-site and remotely during the week, which is called hybrid work. A hybrid work model is an arrangement that implements a mix of in-office and remote work in the workforce’s schedule. Employees can decide where they are most productive or choose a combination of both based on their preferences.

Hybrid offices are different from traditional ones, having workspaces for remote and in-office employees. They enable collaboration between office team members and remote workers. Hybrid office design tends to be flexible, open, and agile, with more co-working spaces for remote collaboration.

With AG Neovo Meetboard 3 interactive displays, it’s possible to redesign a hybrid workplace. Meeting participants can brainstorm together and bring them to life from different locations or keep social distancing well with on-site team members through an intuitive, engaging, and highly-mobile interactive display. Meetboard 3 provides the team with a video conferencing-ready system, simple-to-use tools and widgets, and an intelligent digital whiteboard app to clear the clutter and record ideas easily, ensuring that everyone involved will be connected in the evolution of the hybrid team culture.

Why You Need Meetboard 3?

Meetboard 3 is an ideal one-of-a-kind interactive display for an at-present hybrid workplace that prioritizes user experience and removes the hassle of remote and hybrid meetings.

A group of people is using Meetboard interactive display to have a remote meeting

Video Conferencing in Confidence

Meetboard 3 interactive display takes video conferencing in its stride. This collaboration display has various I/O connectivity and well-supports video conferencing apps and mainstream all-in-one web cameras with one USB cable connected.

The meeting host can set up video equipment in the meeting space to ease the hurdles of remote collaboration. 

Real-time Collaboration

There is also an integrated web browser that helps you leverage web-based online interactive whiteboard apps. You are able to collaborate ideas on the interactive display with remote team members or customers.

Whether you and your team are in a meeting space or from different remote locations, you can access information and ideas in real-time and contribute as if they were present in the front row.

Meetboard 3 interactive display can access online whiteboard app for real-time collaboration
Meetboard 3 interactive display has an intelligent whiteboard app

Visualize Your Muse in Seconds

Meetboard 3 interactive display for hybrid meetings is built with convenience in mind. With an embedded Meetboard Whiteboard App, you can easily start quick meetings without the need to connect to an external PC or laptop.

The multi-touch function of this display isn’t just limited to supporting the touches of dual stylus pens. Your team members can come up to the display to draw with their fingers, write sentences or scribble ideas as they arrive – all simultaneously during hybrid meetings.

Communal Conclusions

Sharing collaborated ideas is essential, and Meetboard 3 makes it easier to share and save the conclusions of your hybrid meetings. In addition to saving content directly into the internal memory or via an external USB drive, you can also use a QR Code scanned by mobile devices to save files directly to the handset.

What’s more, you can transfer meeting files directly from Meetboard’s embedded Cloud storage without any extra devices to keep all idea contributors in line.

Meetboard 3 interactive display has multiple ways to access and share files
Meetboard 3 Interactive Display support AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast screen mirror technology

Wireless Brainstorming

With as little as one click, it’s possible to instantly share your screen to Meetboard 3 via AirPlay, Miracast, or Chromecast without the need to install external apps on your personal devices.

You can instantly exchange thoughts, share feedback, or illustrate concepts in real-time. This interactive display has the power to accommodate up to six screens at one time, enabling meeting attendees to present, share and collaborate on numerous key talking points simultaneously.

A Top-Notch Mobile Solution

If you need to keep a social distance from others, AG Neovo provides you with an advanced mobile solution. You can easily install Meetboard 3 on a moble cart without additional effort and bring all the accessories together; meanwhile, ensure the display remains secure with lockable castors.

With excellent mobility and user-friendly design, your team members can remain safe and enjoy the hybrid meeting to the next level out of your imagination.

FMC-06 mobile cart with Meetboard 3 interactive display

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