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Create Your Digital Menu Board Within 5 Minutes!
Build & Design
Create Your Digital Menu Board Within 5 Minutes!

Digital Menu Boards

Create Digital Menu Board via Cloud

Neovo Signage, the cloud-based digital signage software, provides users with easy-to-use, secure and efficient management solutions to create alluring digital menu boards for restaurants and publish them to one or multiple digital displays anywhere in the world. The unprecedented level of control and flexibility offered by dynamic digital menus can pave the way for a whole new level of the customer experience through attractive and unmissable signage. Regardless of whether you’re operating QSRs (Quick-Service Restaurants), fast-casual restaurants, coffee shops, or just about any service-based brick-and-mortar business, you can instantly update, re-schedule, and manage your digital dynamic menu board content to promote exactly what you need to sell in order to meet your goals – and in an engaging way.

Digital Menu That Saves Time And Money

The cloud digital signs provided by web-based digital signage software help users to implement an efficient digital menu board set up to replace old print-based practices. This upgrade would not only allow you to update restaurant menu boards in a significantly shorter period of time but would also save businesses a significant amount of money through recurring printing costs if you’re running chain stores in different locations. 

Free Layout Designs That Make Digital Menu A Doddle

Digital signage really helps businesses to show off their creativity, helping audiences to view the brand in a positive light.

If you already have a menu board design that is appreciated by customers and resonates with your branding, it’s possible to convert it into a digital environment that can delicately bring certain aspects and accents to life in a more subtle way. 

However, if you’re looking to really get to grips with the potential offered up by digital menu boards, the Neovo Signage offers eight free layout templates and two customized layouts for you to create menus. Cloud signage software provides efficient and easy-to-use drag-and-drop tools to help businesses utilize the user-friendly interface comfortably – regardless of they’re fluent in the technology or not.

More On-board Applications

With Neovo Signage it’s easy to find a menu board application from our cloud-based solution. From an embedded app, it’s possible to input all your own menu items along with their respective prices. In addition to this, our cloud-based digital signage solution features various applications that create even more dynamic, impressive, and attention-grabbing content to reduce perceived wait times. 

Alongside the video, it’s even possible to insert real-time information like social media content, RSS feeds, interactive content, and much more by using Neovo Signage’s range of menu applications.

Signage That Adapts to your Changing Goals

Thanks to Neovo Signage, it’s never been easier to create more promotional campaigns based on your business goals or daily operations. No matter time of day upselling, fast food items cross-selling or limited-time lunch menu offer, it’s possible to easily change your digital media boards to promote what you want to sell as you achieve your goals.

Easily Publish And Manage Multiple Digital Displays in Different Locations

Regardless of whether you’re running a local coffee shop or managing a network of quick-service restaurants worldwide, Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage solutions are designed to help you.

Through the use of ‘Tagging’ functions, Neovo Signage allows you to fully organize your LAN-connected displays by place or purpose – or tag items based on your business. It’s also possible to easily publish entirely different menu boards to various different displays based on your tagging settings.

This allows you to create adaptable solutions for multiple different stores based on where they are, or their individual sales goals – for example. 

Cloud-based Driven by Security And Stability

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage software is powered by Amazon Web Services, one of the most powerful cloud platforms available online today. This collaboration ensures that all of your content will be continuously displayed to your customers with very little danger of downtime along the way. 

In addition to this, 100MB of storage is allowed on each account, enabling you to save all of your digital menu content in the cloud for ease of access and storage online. You can also change the contents of boards, carry out tweaks and manage campaigns on the go, from anywhere in the world. 

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