5 Benefits of Using Interactive Digital Signage During Pandemic

Interactive digital signage is used during Covid-19 pandemic in a metro

The global interactive digital signage industry is projected to exceed $31 billion by 2025. The demand for digital signage follows the rising demand for digital promotions. Digital promotion of services and products is the dominant marketing strategy of the 21st century.

Interactive digital signage has plenty of commercial and social benefits. In the past, touchscreen displays in public make maps, schedules, and directories much more accessible.

But during a pandemic, users are often hesitant to touch anything – much less a screen used by many. Especially users that prefer to use gloves often cannot interact with standard touchscreens.

Neovo Signage, a cloud interactive signage, brings marketing and cost-effective benefits. What’s more, it’s safer during the pandemic. The pandemic has brought social distancing rules and limitations of gatherings.

It also keeps vulnerable employees at home – where they are unable to work, and here comes another benefit. Interactive signage displays can be removed entirely from direct human interaction. All while still delivering the same quality customer experience.

Hygiene, Hygiene, Hygiene

Hygiene is the number one importance during a pandemic. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule and thorough maintenance is a requirement. It is more comfortable with fewer employees present at the shop. Displays, even touchscreen displays, are simple to wipe down or spray. However, during a pandemic, physical touch is dangerous. A recent study from CSIRO is shown that the virus can be robust on smooth surfaces for up to 28 days. 

Cloud-based Digital Signage Software – Neovo Signage’s new apps, QRCode & NetMouse, allow remote navigation. Users can navigate interactive displays from their phones. This reduces the risk of being infected.

Touching surfaces during customer interaction can be dangerous. It also allows you to place signs in public that customers can remotely interact with.

Governmental regulations may restrict placing digital signs in public locations. That’s why QR Code & NetMouse Apps could be the solution for you.

A girl is using mobile phone to scan the QR Code on the AG Neovo digital signage display

Customer Safety and Transparency

During the pandemic, keeping in line with regulations is about more than safety. Your business’s reputation is also on the line. Companies that fail to provide a safe customer experience can suffer severe criticism.

During a time when many customers can order online, this can be critical. Ensuring your in-store interactions are safe can mean the difference between a sale and a loss. Customers will not choose to visit a store over a safer online purchase if you haven’t made an effort to provide safety.

Interactive signage is also an impressive and prominent installation. Such changes are great examples of transparent communication that your company cares about. Not only about customers but also employees.

Social Distancing Regulations

Digital signage needs less space than a safe employee-customer interaction. Making room for a 1.5m distance between each customer and employee can use up space quickly.

Where regulations require a restriction on gatherings, digital signs can temporarily replace employees. Digital signs are not as expensive as the hygiene requirements to keep employees at work. They also let the remaining employees focus on the customer experience.

The digital signage software – Neovo Signage, also carries the ability to display emergency notifications. Signs can automate emergency signals according to store capacities. Digital integrations with IoT products help you stay regulation-compliant without monitoring your stores.

Revenue Streams

For many retail businesses, the pandemic is a trying time and puts stress on revenue streams. Many companies are ill-equipped or cannot function only using online interactions. Interactive Digital signage helps bridge that gap.

Using interactive signage helps you stay efficient and functioning during such a time. Customers, for example, can place orders using their mobile phones to place orders.

Thankfully, Neovo Signage is highly customizable. Businesses can utilize limited-time offers, customer preferences, and location-based ads. Digital signs can provide safety and prosperity so that you can look after your employees.

Neovo Signage cloud-based digital signage software allows you to change digital menu board at a coffee shop when working from home

Working from Home

Employees who are working remotely can update, publish, and monitor campaigns from home via Neovo Signage. Marketing, sales, or customer onboarding campaigns can all be managed on the cloud. Employees do not need to change signs or explain how to use them manually.

Emergency Messaging System

Signs can communicate COVID-19 precautions and emergency alerts. And for businesses, digital signage can do the above while growing sales and services. In-store shopping can still be safe. For companies that cannot operate online, digital signage is essential.

Neovo Signage can display automated emergency messaging in real-time. It helps you stay compliant during challenging moments. Customers will not be left without direction or warning. Most of all, procedures for evacuation are clear and transparent. The time between your emergency and response is reduced to seconds.

A woman wearing a mask sitting on her luggage at the airport during Covid-19 pandemic

Upgrade to Interactive Digital Signage for Your Business During Pandemic

Besides increased safety and efficiency during the COVID-19 pandemic, digital signs have other advantages. Neovo Signage has created new features to help you upgrade to interactive digital signage solutions and make your customers even safer.

AG Neovo provides businesses with a one-stop solution. Neovo signage seamlessly integrates display hardware with cloud-based signage software – Neovo signage. Companies can integrate their content with digital signage displays for an immersive customer experience.

During the pandemic, technologies can help us navigate and take continue to grow. Digital signage can offer smart solutions to maintain customer safety and social distancing. And for businesses, digital signage can do the above while growing sales and services. Interactive digital signage is essential for traditional retailers that cannot operate online. In-store shopping can still be safe while implementing touch-free functions on interactive digital signage.

Contact us for more information on how Neovo Signage can help your business during the pandemic.

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5 Benefits of Using Neovo Signage During the Covid-19 Pandemic

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