Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Meetboard

How to share your Meetboard app session?

You can save it locally or in the cloud, store it in a USB drive and share it with others via QR code or email. For detailed instructions, please refer to the User’s Manual or AG Neovo Support YouTube channel.

Does the Assistive Menu work while viewing other inputs?

Yes, but the Back and Recent Apps buttons are only available on the home screen (Android OS).

Can I install Third-party apps?

No, Meetboard does not allow any unauthorized Apps to be installed. Please contact AG Neovo Support for any project requirements.

How much storage capacity does Meetboard come with?

16 GB (14.4GB available).

Should I prepare an extra Wi-Fi dongle to connect Meetboard to the internet?

No, every Meetboard has a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth module included in the package.

Can I use Meetboard to do a video conference?

Yes, for using video conference systems, please contact AG Neovo Support for additional details.

Which cameras work with Meetboard?

If you are looking for a new camera that you want to use with your Meetboard, our team has tested the following cameras and has confirmed their compatibility with Meetboard:

  •   Logitech Meetup
  •   Logitech C930E
  •   Logitech C525
  •   Logitech BCC950
  •   AVer 342 / 342+
Can I share content like meeting results via email?

Yes, before sharing via email you need to complete your email account setup in Meetboard first. For email account setup instructions, please refer to the User’s Manual or AG Neovo Support YouTube channel.

How to update the system on Meetboard?

Over-the-air (OTA) updates can be found in Settings -> System Update.

Why Meetboard powered off automatically?

The display is set to power off automatically when no signal is detected for more than 5 minutes in order to protect the LCD panel and reduce power consumption.

Do I need a PC to view my Office files?

No, Meetboard comes pre-loaded with WPS Office app to view Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs and Adobe PDF format.

What kind of wall mount should be prepared for Meetboard?

None, Meetboard comes with a compatible wall mount included in the box.

Can I connect an additional PC to Meetboard?

Yes, Meetboard has 3 HDMI ports, a VGA port and touch USB ports to support external computer connections, connect both video signal (HDMI or VGA) and touch USB between your PC and Meetboard, switch to the corresponding input source using the Assistive Menu and Meetboard will work as a touch screen display.

FAQ: Neovo Signage

What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is a sub-segment of signage. Digital signage uses LCD and LED technologies to display different content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information.

If a display is connected to a network, you can edit campaigns easily in every location at any time. They can be found in public spaces, transportation systems, museums, stadiums, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, corporate buildings, etc., to provide wayfinding, exhibitions, marketing, and outdoor advertising.

Who can use Digital Signage?

Neovo Signage is suitable for everyone. For each organization, each store, and each company.

Neovo Signage is a very effective and efficient content management software to get people informed, market new products, offer, and increase brand awareness. In addition, digital signage works well as a digital menu or information board. It also does not matter if you have displays in multiple locations or multiple screens in various places. It is flexible, easy to use, and easy to manage remotely.

Where can I download CMS software for my PC?

Click here to download.


I’m not technical, can I use Neovo Signage?

Yes, of course! Anyone can work with our products. Neovo Signage software is developed in such a user-friendly way with general computer knowledge. You can quickly start with it and look up our helpful tutorial pages and instructional videos. If there is any questions, you can reach our helpdesk by mail and phone.

Do I need Neovo Signage Software?

Yes, to guarantee the best, accessible functions and full-service support, we sell NSD-series digital signage display and all-in-one media players combined with the software licenses.

How to start an installation?

Connect your (all-in-one) media player to power, network, and display. The first time the display will show a unique code. Navigate with mouse or Android pointer to main settings of the Android Set correct network setting on the player (Android). Please click here for more details.

Is there a maximum number of players/displays to install?

There is no maximum number of displays that we can use in connection with Neovo Signage software. The only thing is the number of licenses when you purchase.

For each digital signage display or media player, you need a license. AG Neovo can also help with the duplication of one campaign over multiple displays in the same location. You can manage different players and displays at more sites via the software.

Can you program the display for auto turn on/off?

Yes, you can. You can use Neovo Signage to schedule the campaigns remotely. The campaign can go on in the morning, go off in the evening, or go on during office hours, shopping hours, or other flexible hours. It will save you energy.


Why should I choose Neovo Signage?

We can answer short: simplicity and convenience!

With our web-based Android software, it is very easy to publish a new campaign. Anyone can work on it. Users can choose a standard layout or design a customized template and upload multi-media content to the platform; a campaign will appear on display within seconds. More importantly, users can tag multiple devices broadcasting the same or different campaigns from the same account.

To use the software, you only need an Internet browser (and hyperlinks) to create, manage and publish campaigns.

How does the software work?

Neovo Signage is suitable for everyone. For each organization, each store, and each company. Neovo Signage is a very effective and efficient content management software to get people informed, market new products, offer, and increase brand awareness.

In addition, digital signage works well as a digital menu or information board. It also does not matter if you have displays in multiple locations or multiple screens in various places. It is flexible, easy to use, and easy to manage remotely.

Is my customer also able to work with the software?

The support team from AG Neovo will offer short training to our official dealers. In training, the software will be explained to the dealers with the options that their customers can manage the software themselves. If any questions or additional help is needed, we offer online tutorials to guide and instruct the clients.

Can I also play sound?

Yes, you can. The players are equipped with sound over HDMI. All AG Neovo displays with HDMI inputs have integrated speakers. Also, our all-in-one displays and kiosks have integrated speakers. Our media player offers an extra sound output over a 3,5” Jack-output if you like to use an extensive sound installation.

What kind of licenses do Neovo Signage offer?

We offer one type of license for 1 or 3 years. After that, you can purchase additional signage apps or other intelligent functions separately. Soon, we will launch our Neovo Signage lite version for quickly creating campaigns on digital signage.

Please contact us for more information.

Why are you using an Android-based platform?

Neovo Signage is based on the Android operating system. As a result, customers can also choose to use the different widgets that Android offers.

Apple (iOS) writes with many rules and uses a closed platform. Until recently, Apple’s platform wasn’t accessible for 3rth party programmers. There are too many restrictions; the environment of Android is open to design so we can create the best, simple and powerful functions to guarantee the best performances a digital signage display should offer.

The Windows platform is less stable and needs frequent updates, resulting in more development time and cost.

Android offers widgets, and new widgets are easy to program. The use of additional widgets makes our platform more powerful, which results in extra features, such as data implementation, IP product integration, and more attractive campaigns.

What are widgets?

A widget, or called a signage app is a small application used in a digital signage campaign, and you can use multiple widgets simultaneously, side by side. Using a widget on Neovo Signage is mainly to display information interactively.

Neovo Signage can display any information from the Internet or an application. For example, a weather widget can predict the current local weather or the multiple-day forecast. The widget gets the information automatically and responds quickly. Content on the campaigns can automatically change based on the current weather, like do you offer a warm meal or ice cream?


How to use PID Software to detect AG Neovo Display on the Network?

First, make sure the IP address shown on the PID Software and Monitors’ IP address in the same domain.
e.g. PC IP Address: 192.168.1.XXX, Monitor IP Address 192.168.1.XXX

Click IP Scan on the PID Software to Search, PID Software Can Get All Monitors list.
e.g. Mobile shows Local IP:
Monitor IP Address Show:

PID Software can get different Monitor models via (RS232)?

PID Software at RS232 mode Auto Search function only support a Model
Use RS232 to control Monitor, Every Monitor need Set Different “Monitor ID”.

Which models support the UniWall (Video wall) function?

Click on the “UniWall” tab of the Windows version of the PID software to check the supported models. On the Android version the application will automatically scan only the supported models.

If the PID Software was used to lock a display’s IR function, how to unlock it using the remote?

For PD/PN/PM models use the remote controller and press “ Home+1998”.
For QM/NSD models use the remote controller, press and hold the “Info” Button for 6 Seconds

Can I use PID to setup video wall?

Yes, both Windows and Android versions support video wall setup.

Why monitors in power saving mode can’t be detected or controlled via LAN?

Because an aggressive power saving mode will turn off the Ethernet port of the displays. If you want to be able to have access to the Ethernet port while the displays are off, you need to Set Monitor “Power Saving” Function as follows:

QM/NSD: OSD Advanced Option → Power Save → Mode 4 or Mode 3.
PD/PN: Enable Eco mode by pressing ↑ + ↓ + ← + → + OK
OSD General Setting → Eco mode → Normal

Why does the “IR Remote” Control function in the PID software not Work?

QM/NSD/IFP Android-based models do not support IR Remote function..

Can I control a specific display after IP Scan?

Yes, after IP Scan, you can select one display to control.

Can PID support RS-232 command?

Yes, only Windows version supports RS-232 command.

Can PID support Ethernet Command?

Yes, both Windows and Android versions support Ethernet command

Where can I download PID software?