Command and Control Management Solution

Easy-to-manage all deployed display remotely and efficiently via mobile devices

No matter the source of the A/V content, no matter how far the displays, AG Neovo provides reliable solutions to control professional displays from a convenient location easily. The ability to quickly manage your information, advertisement or entertainment content is the key to a successful installation, and AG Neovo leverages its professional displays, innovative technologies, and strong partnerships to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications.

AG Neovo large format displays easily integrate with various control systems via RS-232 or LAN commands which are readily accessible to integrators. Our PID Command Tool software application also helps to configure, control and test supported AG Neovo display models via RS-232 or LAN connections. It also assists with third-party control systems by displaying the command exchanged.

Command & Control Solutions

PID Command & Ctrl

Software application tool that allows users to control, configure and test public information displays via LAN or RS232.