• Public information displays management

    Public information displays management

    Use your mobile devices to configure and command all deployed displays with ease

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Display Management - Save Your Time to Manage Multiple Displays

AG Neovo's Display Management Software is an easy to use tool that brings unprecedented levels of control to configuring multiple AG Neovo public information displays for public digital signage solutions or LAN and RS232 connected video wall solutions.

Now, users have the ability to control their displays via iOS and Android mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs. Thanks to AG Neovo’s display management software, it’s possible to use the wholly simple and intuitive interface to run all kinds of campaigns while on-the-go. If you’re running large scale display deployment, this tool is capable of saving you a significant amount of time - no matter when, or where, you’re setting up or maintaining your digital signage solutions.

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Use your laptop or iOS & Android mobile devices to manage your deployed digital signage displays remotely.
use AG Neovo display management software to configure display via mobile phone.

Banish Complicated RS232 Codes Forever

Packed with a friendly and intuitive interface, AG Neovo’s display management software transforms complicated, tricky to memorize RS232 codes into easy-to-understand function buttons. 

This smart tool saves plenty of time and hassle, alleviating the need for finding RS232 codes and sending commands to public information displays individually. This is particularly helpful if you’re running a business that relies on the management of large-scale public information display deployment. 

iOS and Android Compatibility For Remote Management

AG Neovo display management software offers system integrators to fully manage displays through iOS and Android mobile devices. There’s no need to worry about LAN or RS232 cable lengths or staying in a limited space to connect and configure public information displays. With remote management, you’re free to walk around and send your commands wirelessly to your public information displays with ease. 

AG Neovo display management software supports iOS and Android mobile devices.
Using AG Neovo display management software to adjust display via mobile phone in the shop

Configure Multiple Displays At The Same Time

Through using AG Neovo’s display management software, it’s possible to configure all OSD-related settings, such as power on/off, brightness, contrast, and much more without the need of using remote controllers. It also saves plenty of time for system integrators to configure settings of multiple public information displays in one go while maintaining large-scale public information display installations both remotely and easily. 

Video Wall Setup in Minutes

The native Uniwall feature is embedded within the display management software as standard. This allows system integrators to comfortably set up 5 x 5 video wall solutions. With display management software, it’s possible to swiftly set up and configure a video wall - and users simply have to set the number of rows and columns they intend to work with to begin. Furthermore, there’s no need to use remote controllers to find each video display’s OSD to begin setting up the video wall matrix.
AG Neovo display management software supports video wall setup.
AG Neovo's display management software is able to be integrated into other control systems.

Seamless Control System Integration

AG Neovo display management software also assists with third-party control systems and displays can be easily integrated with various other systems. The software is able to convert transcripts of various function command codes into RS232 formats for programming into external control systems. This process is done by showing the commands exchanged between the software and the public information displays. No matter whether you’re in the boardroom, hospitality suites, or surveillance control rooms - it’s possible to integrate AG Neovo displays into the circle using this software.* 

*This function is currently only supported on display management software PC version. 

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Download AG Neovo's Display Management Software on Mobile Devices.

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