• Neovo Signage Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution

    Neovo Signage Cloud-based Digital Signage Solution

    One-stop solution to deploy and manage dynamic contents on the right displays efficiently and remotely

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  • Command and Control Management Solution

    Command and Control Management Solution

    Control AG Neovo professional displays via mobile phone, tablets and laptops remotely 

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  • Collaborative and Interactive Meeting Solution

    Collaborative and Interactive Meeting Solution

    Collaborate all inspirations and keep the group in line with meeting results

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Our Solutions

AG Neovo's solutions team develops, implements and integrates display-centric solutions that are customizable to meet specific requirements from both professional users and system integrators. Our latest solutions offer both flexibility and total control, without losing focus on ease of use and convenience for integrators.

Cloud-based Digital Sigange

Neovo Signage offers one-stop commercial and interactive digital signage solution that draw the attention of the customer with campaigns controlled and designed by you! our services are cloud-based and remotely accessible, secure, stable and easy-to-use.

Command & Control

No matter the source of the A/V content, no matter how far the displays, AG Neovo provides reliable solutions to control professional displays from a convenient location easily by using mobile devices.

Meeting & Collaboration

AG Neovo’s all-in-one meeting & collaboration solution, the AG Neovo Meetboard, offers all the tools needed for presenting, collaborating and sharing ideas right out-of-the-box.

With the AG Neovo digital signage display presenting the menu above the bar, HC Feijenoord is able to use the user-friendly Neovo Signage cloud-based content management to easily send customizable messages and videos to the displays. This keeps their members informed and entertained at the same time.

HC Feijenoord Hockey Club

Our Customers

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