Meetboard® Over-the-air (OTA) Update V1.2 Available

Meetboard™ IFP-Series Over-the-air (OTA) V1.2 Available Now

AG Neovo is dedicated to developing and designing user-centric display products and solutions. We put our users at the core of our business and we aim to improve the user experience on the go. Since AG Neovo Meetboard® IFP-Series has been launched in 2019, we are pleased to announce that there are several significant over-the-air updates from 3, March 2021.

1. ScreenShare Pro Settings Update

Firstly, make your Meetboard connect to the Internet, and then choose ScreenShare Pro App on the home screen. Click on the “Settings” at the left bottom, you will see the new updates for ScreenShare Pro App. Now ScreenShare Pro is available to be supported by Chromecast/AirPlay/Miracast devices.

Before you use the built-in ScreenShare Pro App, make sure to enable the setting: 

1. Support Chromecast/AirPlay device and 

2. Support Miracast device

Even if your devices are in the same network.

New ScreenShare Pro supports Chromecast, Airplay and Miracast device

Click here to know more about ScreenShare Pro.

2. Tips App Release

Tips is a newly launched app shown as a text-based feature introduction for new users. This app aims to ease users’ pain of the learning curve of AG Neovo Meetboard.

New App-Tips


You can easily find this app on the Apps screen.

AG Neovo Meetboard IFP-Series new home screen launcher

Just simply click the image-like buttons in each session, a step-by-step instruction is right here for you, and intuitively guide you to learn how to use Meetboard.

Tips App UI 1
Tips App UI 2

3. New Folder Path When Saving Files

If users intend to save the files when finishing up the notes, the folder path now will be saved to Storage -> Meetboard -> Sessions. The few folder paths are simpler than before to be found when users open the Finder app to look for what they have saved.

A new folder path when saving files on Meetboard

4. Multiple Languages Support

AG Neovo Meetboard is acceptable for multi-national users. We offer seven languages including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified, and Traditional Chinese. The translations have been fine-tuned to keep a wide variety of users understood without pain even if they are from different cultural perspectives.

Meetboard language settings for English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese

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