How can I customize a campaign layout?


When you would like to customize a campaign layout, click on “Layout” (In the submenu) and choose a layout for the Campaign that matches your wishes.

Customize Layout

The layout can be customized by clicking the “edit icon” in the upper left, a level appears where you can customize the following settings:
Device orientation (Horizontal / Vertical), the number of layers, the order of the layers, the resolution and the width / height per layer (in pixels).

More about “Edit own layout”:

Device orientation:
Here you can indicate whether the campaign is displayed on a   horizontal or vertical display, the layout preview format changes with your choice.

Resolution device::
Enter the correct resolutions for your campaign here. Only select UltraHD if your device can handle this resolution.

Screen Layers:
Specify  the size per layer (width & height in pixels), and at which positions the layers should be displayed (X & Y).

Manage layers:
You can create more layers under the layout previeuw, adjust the order of the layers, or delete layers.

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