Digital Whiteboard for Meeting Collaboration

An easy-to-use digital whiteboard app takes the complexity out of business collaboration and cater to all of your practical needs.


Digital Whiteboard App on Meetboard

Interactive Displays for Digital Whiteboards

Having a digital whiteboard on interactive display for your remote and in-person meetings can change the way that your team collaborates. That’s because it enables you to better connect, to more fully understand the projects that you’re working on, and to more easily collaborate on cohesive efforts. 

The Meetboard interactive display integrates a built-in interactive whiteboard app, allowing you and your team members to quickly take notes by fingers or styluses on the screen, collaborate ideas, and share the results with all attendees. With its easy-to-use toolbar design, you will not miss any inspiring ideas in the brainstorming sessions. The display also allows you to log into your preferred web-based digital whiteboards, including Google® Jamboard, and more. Get started with the Meetboard whiteboard app today, and let’s change the way your team works.

Better Tools for Brainstorming Ideas in the Room

Meetboard whiteboard app creates a stunning blend of simple and easy-to-use interfaces for both experienced and inexperienced users to take the complexity out of business collaboration and cater to all of your practical needs.

Meetboard digital whiteboard app allows to import images files

Add Images and Files

In addition to providing an instant annotation tool, the display’s whiteboard app offers more collaboration functions for taking notes and collaborating various types of file formats, including office documents, images, and PDFs with a few simple clicks.

Meetboard whiteboard app simple tool bar

Whiteboard Tools

You can choose to use a pen, marker, brushes or change the preferred color, erase or delete the written whiteboard. No matter what, we make it easy for you to markup and annotate your presentations for easier clarity and understanding within your team.

Meetboard whiteboard app offers cloud save, email and QR code sharing

Simple Sharing Solutions

The app provides various ways to save and share your whiteboard files, such as by giving you the option to save to the internal memory, external USB drive, or cloud drives. Or, you can choose to scan a QR Code by mobile devices and save it to individual devices or to email notes directly to meeting attendees.

Take Advantage of a Web-based Interactive Digital Whiteboard

With a built-in web browser, the display supports various third-party web-based interactive whiteboards, including Google Jamboard, Microsoft Whiteboard, and more. Once logged into your account, you can start using a web-based whiteboard for annotation and discussion.

A team is using web-based Jamboard on Meetboard interactive display

Work Smoothly with More Web-based Digital Whiteboards

This Display allows you to leverage functions from the web-based interactive whiteboard app so that you can collaborate ideas on the display with both in-person and remote team members or customers. You’re able to easily display and communicate ideas with team members who aren’t able to be physically present.

Meetboard interactive displays supports Jamboard real-time collaboration

Real-time Collaboration

Leveraging functions from web-based online interactive whiteboard apps, you can collaborate ideas on the display with remote team members or customers.

3 Steps to Get Started with Web-based Interactive Whiteboards

  • 1

    Choose Chromium App

  • 2

    Choose Desktop Site

  • 3

    Log in with Your Account

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