AG Neovo Digital Signage Displays Line Up

Digital Signage Displays

Displaying correct and eye-catching information of different entertainment purposes is the key to each digital signage setup. No matter whether the content is from media players, computers or other devices, the displays are the last miles of successful digital signage installation. Furthermore, considering to offer administrators quick and easy centralized control of the content displayed from a convenient, central location, AG Neovo has a series of digital signage display solutions that are flexible, scalable, easy to manage and, above all, tailored to meet your needs.

Complete Product Lines

AG Neovo provides various format signage displays for digital signage applications: users can easily select the ideal displays in different sizes from 10.1 to 98 inches, dual-sided and floor stand displays are also available for users to deploy them in different positions, maximizing the application profit with ideal cost.

AG Neovo Digital Signage Displays can be used in retail shops, meeting rooms, hotels and shopping malls.

AG Neovo Digital Signage Shield Logo

Engineered to be Seen

The main priority for most digital signage setups must be to be seen clearly. With different brightness levels and wide viewing angles built into the AG Neovo signage displays, the stunning images from displays are sure to attract attention in any type of location.

Flexibility with Multi-source Connectivity

Embedded with various connectivity sources, AG Neveo’s signage displays are the optimal solution for the applications that require different input/output media, such as VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB, audio, and speaker. They help construct your application with ease and reduce the total cost of ownership.

AG Neovo Digital Signage integrates with various connectivity.