PID Command & Ctrl

AG Neovo PID Command & Ctrl is a software application that allows users to control, configure and test AG Neovo Public Information Displays via LAN or RS232 connections simply and intuitively. It also can be used to create video walls within minutes and assist system integrators with external control systems by generating and displaying the commands exchanged between the software and displays.

Display Control

PID Command & Ctrl provides a simple and intuitive interface for remote management, OSD-related settings, and easy control on deployed displays through LAN or RS232. Setup and maintain large-scale digital signage installations remotely and securely.


The native UniWall feature allows AG Neovo displays to create up to 10x10 video walls without third-party equipment. With PID Command & Ctrl you can easily and quickly configure a video wall within 5 minutes, simply set the number of rows and columns and assign the correct position to each display.

Control System Integration

AG Neovo large format displays easily integrate with various control systems. PID Command & Ctrl helps integrators find command codes for programming into external control systems by showing the commands exchanged between the software and the displays.

Supported Displays