• Instant Mirroring and Wireless Presentation

    Instant Mirroring and Wireless Presentation

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The Meetboard interactive flat panel display offers users unparalleled convenience through intuitive device screen mirroring. Whether you’re conducting a small team meeting, or pitching to prospective clients, Meetboard works seamlessly with BYOD wireless presentations and provides an excellent environment in which ideas can be exchanged with efficiency. 

 The display features numerous flexible meeting screen sharing approaches. Instant sharing functions are excellent for group discussion without additional app installation, while two-way collaboration can easily take place with a set of powerful advanced features.  

While much of the interactive display products populating the market focus on showcasing complex and often superfluous features, Meetboard is designed to make the act of hosting a meeting and sharing ideas, talking points, and collaborative exercises more efficient than ever before for both presenters and participants alike.  

In meeting environments where greater levels of engagement and efficiency can quite literally save money and help to achieve deadlines, investing in the right kind of adaptive display can really pay dividends for your business. Whether you’re pitching to clients, holding team meetings, or hosting an AGM, Meetboard’s interactive flat panel display can adapt to a range of key scenarios with ease. 


Make Discussion a Doddle with Instant
Screen Sharing for Mobile Devices

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays for business provide intuitive interface to start the meetings quickly

Connect with Ease via AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast

With as little as one click, it’s possible for users to instantly share their screens to Meetboard via popular functions like AirPlay, Miracast or Chromecast.  

Where meeting environments of yesteryear were often interrupted by the clunky process of plugging USB sticks and sifting through folders, Meetboard is wholly intent on creating a fully engaging and wireless meeting landscape that’s free of time-consuming distractions. 

There’s no need to install external apps on your personal devices, and users can instantly exchange their thoughts, share feedback, or illustrate concepts in real-time - with no need to physically connect their devices in order to be heard. 

2K Quality Casting

AG Neovo’s Meetboard series supports crystal clear 2K resolution content casting to guarantee significant levels of audience engagement.

The Meetboard’s rich definition display helps users to share vibrant and crisp digital content from mobile devices.

Thanks to higher-definition content, more complex information like high-quality video, graphics, charts, and statistics can be shared in a much clearer and engaging manner.

Accommodation For up to Six Attendee Screens at Once

Meetboard has the power to accommodate up to six attendee screens at any one time, enabling multiple users to present, share and collaborate on numerous key talking points simultaneously.  

The ability to utilise multiple screens can be useful for plenty of meeting scenarios. This particular Meetboard function performs best during group discussion, when it comes to information referencing, and comparing swathes of data.  

Formerly, presentations would often suffer from having limited contributions from audience members. Meetboard’s ability to accommodate multiple screens simultaneously goes some way in introducing significantly broader perspectives among attendees. 

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Take Your Wireless Presentations to
The Next Level with Windows

Meetboard interactive displays for business create a stunning blend of intuitive digital whiteboard interface and simplicity for ease of use among experienced and inexperienced users. The interactive displays take the complexity out of business collaboration and caters towards all of your practical needs within meetings. With the interactive capacitive touch technology, users can write and draw, switch to an eraser and save files among other useful functions on the interactive screens without becoming dazzled by hordes of superfluous features that can hinder the flow of presentations. 

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays support Airplay wireless screen mirroring

Compatibility Across Platforms

Users can install the ScreenSharePro app on their individual devices in order to take full advantage of the more advanced device mirroring functions that the display is capable of.  

The ScreenSharePro app works seamlessly across a range of operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. 


Regardless of your preferred platform, all of your participants will have the power to implement screen sharing or control Meetboard remotely from their own individual devices.  

Having such a rich range of compatibility makes your meetings significantly more accessible for participants and allows a much smoother flow of ideas and feedback. 

files can be saved to cloud drive, QR code and email from Meetboard interactive flat panel display

The Power to Pick and Choose Your Shared Screens

Windows provides users with greater control over their Meetboard meetings. With the Microsoft Windows version of the ScreenSharePro app, it’s possible to choose and cast to Windows desktops or one of the running applications on laptops to Meetboard.  

This helps users to focus their attention fully onto the task of presenting, without any cause for concern regarding personal privacy issues. It also ensures that the meeting room can maintain their focus solely on the presentation content without the threat of distractions. With better control over the shared screens, participants can stay focused on valuable information for longer.

Greater Presentation Management with Built-in PowerPoint Marker

With the Windows version of the ScreenSharePro app, users are capable of utilising a highly responsive built-in marker to deliver compelling presentations or proposals with PowerPoint.  

The beauty of the built-in PowerPoint marker is that it provides a new level of presentation management to users. 

Some of the most valuable meetings to businesses can take place in fast-paced environments where ideas flowing and new concepts are quickly forming. With the help of Meetboard’s integrated PowerPoint marker, users will be able to ensure that absolutely no information gets lost in the melee of ideas and abstract concepts ever again.

Share Your Thoughts via Mobile with Two-Way
Meetboard Screen Mirroring

Thanks to seamless integration with the ScreenSharePro app, users are able to fully synchronise their laptops, smartphone, and tablets for comprehensive approaches to collaboration. 

This greater level of compatibility allows users to conveniently mirror the Meetboard screen to their own devices and even control Meetboard solely of their own accord. This gives participants the ability to interact with their fellow audience members and those conducting presentations in a much more immersive manner. 

With the ever-increasing capabilities of mobile devices, Meetboard makes it easier than ever for meeting participants to illustrate their outputs on their mobile devices and interact with all connected screens. 

The two-way sharing function also ensures that everybody receives a clear view of meeting content and maintain audience engagement levels in full rooms where views may become obstructed. 

Flexible Synchronisation and Annotation

Meetboard can’t be beaten when it comes to championing flexibility. When in synchronisation mode, users are free to make annotations on either Meetboard interactive display or their own connected personal devices.  

Participants also have the power to save the annotation results in the Meetboard internal storage in order to use in future meetings, or save in their own devices as image files - offering a more flexible approach to recording meeting results. Meeting outcomes can be swiftly shared among participants and stakeholders. 

Streamline Workflow With Intuitive Functions

The Meetboard’s intuitive synchronisation mode also provides users with an ‘insert’ function that instantly captures a screenshot and inserts it into the Meetboard app automatically.  

Users can take full advantage of the more advanced drawing tools offered up by the Meetboard app in order to foster more in-depth discussions and have a smoother workflow to collaborate. 

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