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Interactive Display For Business Collaboration

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AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display is designed to cater to a diverse range of business collaborative needs. Whether you’re looking for more engaging meetings in the huddle rooms, medium-sized meeting rooms, or conference rooms for brainstorming sessions, business presentations, or video conferencing,  this interactive display solution is on hand to bring business-friendly and a feature-filled interface that takes the hassle and time-wasting out of sharing information and feedback. 

Thanks to Meetboard interactive flat panel display, you can rest easy knowing that there’ll be no more fumbling for external PC or laptop cables in the business meetings. You’re free to focus solely on your meetings, leaving much more room for productivity and valuable insights with all attendants in line.
AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays for business provide intuitive interface to start the meetings quickly

Intuitive Home Screen - Start A Meeting in Seconds

The beauty of AG Neovo Meetboard is that these collaborative displays provide all you need for business meetings in a single hub. The home screen launcher offers a platform for accessing cloud-based files, facilitates whiteboard annotation on-screen, wireless screen sharing from mobile devices, and plenty more intuitive apps. 

With the help of a built-in Android operating system, the interactive displays allow users to start a meeting in seconds without the need to connect to an external PC, and with constant connectivity status insights for LAN/Wireless connections, you’ll remain well connected through the lengthiest of presentations in the meeting rooms. 

Simple Whiteboard Toolbar - Focus on the Useful Functions For Meetings

Meetboard interactive displays for business create a stunning blend of intuitive digital whiteboard interface and simplicity for ease of use among experienced and inexperienced users. The displays take the complexity out of business collaboration and caters towards all of your practical needs within meetings. With the interactive capacitive touch technology, users can write and draw, switch to an eraser and save files among other useful functions on the interactive screens without becoming dazzled by hordes of superfluous features that can hinder the flow of presentations. 

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays for business provide simple, easy-to-use whiteboard annotation toolbar.
AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays support Airplay wireless screen mirroring

Collaborative - Screen Sharing Made Simple

AG Neovo Meetboard collaborative displays for business come with plenty of useful features built-in as standard. One of the most sought-after applications on the interactive display market, Screenshare Pro, is available through Meetboard displays. Screenshare Pro allows users to wirelessly share and mirror as many as four screen images from mobile phones, tablets at any one time. 

In addition, the business interactive displays support Airplay and Chromecast screen mirroring mobile technology, allowing users to share the contents from mobile devices onto the screens without 3rd party app installation.

Find out: How to instantly mirror screens from mobile devices.

Efficient - Easy Emailing to All Attendants

AG Neovo looks to intertwine unprecedented levels of convenience within its Meetboard interactive flat panel displays. This commitment is exemplified with the collaborative tool’s pre-installed email application - which offers a fast function for emailing meeting minutes, relevant business notes or presentation files to all audience members and guests in the meeting rooms after meetings take place.

This feature can be particularly convenient when USB and wireless connections are unavailable for guests in meetings due to network security and privacy measures for the corporate. AG Neovo Meetboard is capable of receiving guest emails without using their own laptops or wasting time on the connection for presentations. .

files can be saved to cloud drive, QR code and email from Meetboard interactive flat panel display

Compatible - Multi-formatted Support

Regardless of your prerogative, whether it’s Microsoft Office, PDF file formats, or purely cloud-based documentation, Meetboard interactive displays integrate the WPS app and dedicated web browser to seamlessly access your business presentations files to be broadcast on its crystal clear 4K 65”, 75” and 86'' displays.

Video Conferencing Ready!

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel displays for business come ready equipped with USB connectivity that allows you to set up or connect to the current video conferencing system in your conference rooms. This allows you to pre-load your video conferencing app onto the display for use*

*This will require consultation with AG Neovo regarding app installation.

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive displays for business supports video conferencing.

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