Media Players

Engineered to work seamlessly with the Neovo Signage cloud-based platform, AG Neovo provides a series of media players that enable a plug and play digital solution on any display. Based on the Android Operating System, our media players can easily connect to the Neovo Signage platform via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Administrators can remotely manage media players installed in different locations from virtually any device with an internet browser.

Turn Any Screen into a Digital Signage Display

Connect a Neovo Signage Media Player to any HDMI-enabled screen such as a monitor, projector or even a video wall and use the Neovo Signage cloud-based platform to create your campaign easily. Upload your content, and within seconds your message is displayed on your device.

Flexibility with Android OS, Wi-Fi and GPS

Neovo Signage Media Players are based on the Android Operating System and have Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and optional GPS capabilities. Their default storage capacity can be expanded using easily accessible SD cards, and the USB ports enable interactive digital signage with touch-enabled displays.

Industry-leading Reliability

Following AG Neovo displays' reliability and quality standards, Neovo Signage Media Players are designed to work tirelessly 24/7 with automatic performance, compatibility, and security updates. Its schedulable remote reboot feature further enhances their reliability.