Simplify Your Meeting Room

Built on the Android OS platform; Meetboard™ is designed to get meetings and presentations going right away, without the need for projectors, whiteboards, PCs or installing additional software. Eliminate cable clutter and enjoy a clean and organized meeting room thanks to wireless mirroring options. Present, brainstorm and take notes without cables in between or markers that are running out of ink.

The New Generation of Meetings

AG Neovo’s IFP-Series, Meetboard, is the all-around interactive display that stream- lines the meetings process. Since meetings can’t wait for slow loading screens, Meetboard’s on-board whiteboard app and launcher allows participants to directly access materials and get the meeting going without delay. Meeting materials and presentations are bright and crisp on the 4K display, ensuring that content is clear and compelling. And files and notes relevant to the meeting can be shared with ease, through QR code, email, or cloud drive.

Loaded with Built-in Interactive Apps

Draw and brainstorm with the Meetboard app, make a compelling presentation with WPS Office, or wirelessly share content from your PC, Mac or mobile device with ScreenShare Pro. Meetboard comes with all the apps needed for collaborating and sharing ideas out of the box.

Meetboard App

User-friendly interactive whiteboard software designed for interactive meetings and group discussions.

Writing & Drawing

Participants can draw and insert images for demonstrating ideas.

Dual Pens

Two styluses for simultaneous annotation with two colours.

Easy Share

Instantly share meeting files via email, QR code and cloud drives.

Connecting People and Devices Has Never Been Easier

Collaborating on projects requires not only the input of your team, but also their devices and content. That is why Meetboard supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, for fast and seamless connections among the keyboards, webcams, and all the devices your team needs to get their ideas across. ScreenShare Pro app makes those connections extremely usable, by enabling collaboration through device mirroring and remote control from individual devices, no matter what operating systems your team members use: Windows, macOS, Android, or iOS.

Made for Hands-On Collaboration

Engaging with ideas over an electronic display can often present hurdles to participation. Meetboard lowers those hurdles with multi-touch and natural writing capabilities. Multiple participants, using their fingers or included styluses, can simultaneously draw and annotate on the 20-point touch-enabled display, making mind-mapping and brainstorming as intuitive as using a whiteboard.
Another common obstacle is not having the right driver for your content, an obstacle Meetboard does away with. Its Plug-and-Play Windows support allows Windows users to activate applications like PowerPoint and OneNote directly on the display—all without additional drivers.

Assistive Menu Lets Your Team Focus on What Matters

Meetings shouldn’t stop for technical issues. Enter Meetboard’s dedicated assistive menu, which works on any input source and Android apps, giving participants the power to access certain functions and shortcuts, like adjusting audio/brightness, capturing screenshots, toggling between tasks, and taking down notes.