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Huddle Room Displays For Collaborative Meetings

Huddle space or huddle rooms are the office space designed to empower people to meet quickly and easily, and with AG Neovo’s Meetboard interactive flat panel display, it’s possible to capture ideas for brainstorming and bring them to life through an intuitive, interactive, and engaging display during work sessions. Simple-to-use home screen launcher and digital whiteboard toolbars ensure that all users will be comfortable using the latest leap in the evolution of meeting room collaboration technology, and purposely streamlined toolbars help to clear the clutter and record ideas with ease. 

The huddle room display lets users face to face sharing content, ideas, charts and inspirations wirelessly to a range of remote devices and distributing all collaborative ideas to all contributors in line with the meeting results.
Huddle Room Display home screen launcher

Capture Your Inspirations

Meetboard interactive display for huddle room meeting is built with convenience in mind. With an embedded on-board Android operating system, you can easily start quick meetings without the need to connect to an external PC or laptop. AG Neovo has taken great care in optimising only the most useful features for users from its intuitive and user-friendly interface, while discarding superfluous annotation effects, meaning that users can rest assured that as soon as they have an idea, they’ll be able to record it on-screen with confidence.

Video Tip: Open your file on Meetboard

Platform For Small Groups Discussions

The multi-touch function of this huddle room display isn’t just limited to supporting the touches of dual stylus pens. Multiple users can come up to the display to draw with their fingers, write sentences or scribble ideas as they arrive - all simultaneously during interactive meetings. 

On occasions where it’s imperative to keep the stream of ideas flowing within huddle meetings, the Meetboard interactive flat panel display could be a valuable asset to businesses.
Meetboard huddle room display allows dual pen writing directly on the display.
Meetboard huddle room display supports word, powerpoint, PDF and various file formats.

Engage in Multimedia and Multiple File Formats

Find a wealth of supported file formats within the Meetboard interactive flat panel display’s array of features. Popular formats like Word, PowerPoint, PDF, Excel and cloud-based documentation is well-covered by Meetboard. Embedded apps also make it easier for users to share their presentation for further post-meeting brainstorming huddle meetings.

There’s also an integrated web browser function for further impromptu investigations online - you can even turn to platforms like YouTube to gather some more on-the-spot ideas. 

Brainstormings with No Wires Attached

With as little as one click, it’s possible for users to instantly share their screens to Meetboard via popular functions like AirPlay, Miracast or Chromecast without the need to install external apps on your personal devices.

Users can instantly exchange their thoughts, share feedback, or illustrate concepts in real-time, and this huddle room display has the power to accommodate up to six attendee screens at any one time, enabling multiple users to present, share and collaborate on numerous key talking points simultaneously.

Meetboard huddle room display supports wireless mirroring.
Meetboard huddle room display embeds email function, cloud drive save, QR code scan and save functions.

Communal Conclusions

Sharing collaborated ideas is important, and Meetboard makes it easier than ever to share the conclusions of your various huddle room meetings and interactive meetings. In addition to the possibility of saving content directly into Meetboard internal memory, or via an external USB drive, users are also capable of using a QR code that can be scanned by mobile devices to save files directly to the handset. What’s more, is that users can email conclusions and files directly from Meetboard’s embedded email applications - all without the need for any extra devices, to keep all idea contributors in line.

Video Conference in Confidence

Meetboard interactive display takes video conferencing in its stride. The display’s various connectivity features mean that conferencing apps are well supported and users are perfectly capable of setting up video equipment in huddle rooms for ease of remote workers collaborations. 

With the power of AG Neovo’s Meetboard on your side, the complex task of embracing modern productivity and collaboration tools can seem like a doddle, as menus are effectively streamlined and seamless connectivity makes communicating with your display easy.  

Whether your audience is in the huddle room or watching on from a remote location, they’ll access information and ideas in real-time and will have the opportunity to make contributions as if they were present on the front row. Meetboard is an ideal interactive display for huddle room that prioritises user experience and fully removes the hassle from meetings.  
Meetboard huddle room display supports video conferencing in the huddle room meeting.

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