AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display in the meeting room

There are dozens of interactive flat panel displays on the market with similar hardware specifications, for example, 4K resolution, touch functionality, WiFi, USB, etc. Also, most of these displays provide similar functions to collaborate the meetings, share content via cloud drives, QR code scan and save the meeting results, etc. So, how to compare the interactive flat panel displays and what’s the “Must-have” feature to pick the right one?



One Tip to Choose the Right Interactive Flat Panel Display

It can be a troubling and time-consuming thing to share presentations to all participants following a meeting. Though most of the displays provide several ways to save the presentation files via USB drive, cloud drive, QR code scan & save, there are still some hesitations before using these sharing methods:

  • Privacy: There’s also the issue of privacy – after all, why should anyone log in to their Google account to access files while in a meeting room? If you forgot to log out after you save your files from the interactive flat panel display, your account information or every file in your cloud drive might be exposed.
  • Wi-Fi connection: Additionally, in some scenarios, Wi-Fi is also restricted in the meeting room or the entire company. How can you share or mirror your presentations or files from your laptops or mobile devices to the interactive flat panel display? Or even use QR code scan to save the files.
  • Security: While many displays can share annotated contents by saving files to a connected USB. One of the biggest problems in meeting room scenarios is USB connectivity, with access to storage devices prohibited due to security issues and virus concerns.
  • Individual, not group sharing: if considerations, as mentioned above, are not the issues anymore, saving files into a USB drive or personal cloud drive is an efficient way to take away the meeting results. But, the files are saved by individuals. In this case, the files would still need to be sent to others again from whoever saves the files, queuing to save files to USB drives or cloud drives one-by-one or asking whoever saves the files to email them out later on.

Embedded Email Function is essential and “Must Have”.

Sharing by email is a unique feature within the AG Neovo’s Meetboard interactive whiteboard app based on the consideration from different meeting scenarios occurring all the time, like internet/Wi-Fi connection problems, privacy and security issues, etc.

Meetboard helps to alleviate the stress of connecting accounts by offering its integrated email function as LAN connections are well set up and controlled in every company. You can directly compose emails from the Meetboard app and send out the files without the need to use an external PC. When the meeting finishes, you can also use Meetboard to send out the meeting minutes, just like you send out an email as like the way you are doing every working day.

See the tutorial video:

The most important advantage of the email function that differs from various sharing functions is the efficiency of bringing all your attendants in line with the meeting conclusion. With Meetboard, once you capture all of your team’s ideas, you can instantly compose an email that can be sent to all participants at once - keeping your teams in line with the meeting consensus for follow up.

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