LAN Control for Digital Signage Displays

As the number of places that use public information displays increases and diversifies, managing multiple digital signage displays can be time-consuming. Whether its three screens or a hundred, users don't want to individually setup and control each display via key buttons and remote controls.

LAN control for displays

What Is LAN Control?

LAN control is the ability to remotely send commands to digital signage displays connected to a local network via their LAN port through specialized software or control systems.

Display Diagram


Considerations for IT Professionals

For A/V system integrators and other IT professionals, it is paramount to provide users with a more convenient way to control their digital signage displays. Before setting up a local network, they have to make sure all their devices support LAN control. AG Neovo designs commercial and professional displays with installer and user convenience in mind by ensuring large format displays support LAN control and come equipped with standard RJ45 ports. Furthermore, AG Neovo digital signage displays that support LAN control can natively communicate with PID Command & Ctrl software and network-based control systems which allow technicians to integrate the displays seamlessly into their installation.


The Benefits of AG Neovo's LAN Control

AG Neovo digital signage displays LAN control capabilities allow users to save precious time and conveniently control their displays via AG Neovo's own PID Command & Ctrl software from a central location. This software application gives technicians the ability to manage all the connected displays simultaneously and adjust OSD-related settings as a whole or individually from their PC or mobile device. Additionally, the use of LAN control combined with the native UniWall feature of AG Neovo ultra-slim bezel video wall displays leads to effortless video wall creation without third-party equipment.

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