AG Neovo Meetboard Interactive Flat Panel Display Comparison

Here’s an in-depth comparison of interactive flat panels focusing on the user interface and experience, and covering 5 key factors when you are going to choose an interactive display for the meeting, including home screen launcher, general settings, whiteboard innovation toolbar, screen mirroring functions and how to share your meeting results.

AG Neovo Meetboard interactive flat panel display in the meeting room

There are dozens of interactive flat panel displays on the market with similar hardware specifications, for example, 4K resolution, touch functionality, WiFi, USB, etc. Also, most of these displays provide similar functions to collaborate the meetings, share content via cloud drives, QR code scan and save the meeting results, etc. So, how to compare the interactive flat panel displays and what’s the “Must-have” feature to pick the right one?

How to Pick the best interactive displays for business collaboration

The meeting room is one of the most pivotal parts of any business. It provides the backdrop to invaluable business collaboration, client discussions, or employee training. Employers and staff can share their ideas and formulate plans for the future, but how to choose the best interactive displays for business?

Use the versatile connectivity options on the new Meetboard interactive flat panel display to connect other devices and accessories like video conferencing cameras, external storage, and additional displays.

LAN Control for Digital Signage Displays

As the number of places that use public information displays increases and diversifies, managing multiple digital signage displays can be time-consuming. Whether its three screens or a hundred, users don't want to individually setup and control each display via key buttons and remote controls.

During emergencies like a fire or an earthquake, panic is your worst enemy. These situations can happen anywhere and anytime; digital signage is a great way to give people life-saving instructions when and where they need it.