About AG Neovo

About AG Neovo Solutions

AG Neovo Solutions provides display-centric solutions especially for environments such as police stations, train stations, airports, modern museums, five-star hotels, corporate meeting rooms, and hospitals. The commitment to designing display-centric solutions that answer to the functional and aesthetic demands of multi-user and public environments. Our latest solutions offer both flexibility and total control, without losing focus on ease of use and convenience for integrators.


An intense focus on solution designs for various environments has helped AG Neovo Solutions differentiate display-centric solutions from those of the competition. Recently, more and more professional customers adapted AG Neovo display-centric solutions into more applications, such as healthcare, digital signage, and public transportations.


AG Neovo Solutions is earnest in its approach. By listening to the specific requirements of system integrators, IT administrators and other professionals, AG Neovo Solutions is redefining the traditional signage solutions, meeting and collaboration solutions, and command and control solutions. By offering customizable display-centric solutions with the capabilities to perform in places where few competitors can, AG Neovo Solutions is the best choice of professionals.