How to Choose the Best Interactive Display for Business?

A group of people is using Meetboard interactive display with FMC-06 mobile cart in a hybrid meeting room

There are plenty of considerations that you can make when picking interactive displays for business collaboration, but how to choose the best solutions for the meeting room from various brands?

Currently, unresponsive technology and a lack of real interaction and collaboration mean that many management figures in office spaces are losing out on potential staff insights. At the same time, other business structures miss the chance of gaining a consensus over important internal decisions.  

One way to make the most of your meeting room potential is to implement interactive display technology capable of bringing a fully collaborative, interactive experience for all participants in the company. The key benefit is to encourage the sharing of ideas and higher levels of comprehension among colleagues.

In this post, we’ll take a more in-depth look at how your business can supercharge its collaboration by using interactive displays in the meeting rooms, conference rooms, or even huddle rooms. 

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What is an Interactive Flat Panel Display?

Interactive flat panel displays take the form of large multi-touch screens that have embedded with an operating system. The inclusion of its OS means that the interactive flat panel displays can act as its collaborative meeting platform – without the need for external administrative preparation, not just a traditional multi-touch display.

Interactive flat panel displays are intuitive enough to host entire meetings, huddle room meetings, video conferencing, training courses, or collaboration sessions in a way that involves all participants. 

While some companies still rely on projections and whiteboards, interactive flat panel displays can show participants details, charts, and multimedia in full, rich, 4K clarity. Built-in apps and cross-platform functionality mean that managers or meeting holders can orchestrate their content with confidence, and participants can contribute to the information on show remotely. 

How to Choose the Best Interactive Displays for Business?

It’s fair to say that business collaboration techniques have already come a long way in the 21st century, and interactive flat panel displays represent a significant next step in adding a truly interactive element to the office meeting room. In addition to the interactive flat panel display price, there are plenty of considerations that you can compare and review when picking the ideal solutions for your business from various interactive flat panel display brands, let’s review from the hardware side:

1. Hardware Specifications

One of the most significant things to consider is the type of hardware you’re looking to use in your interactive displays. 

1.1 Resolution

Resolution can play a vital part in the experience your meeting room offers to both employers and employees.

While smaller-scale huddle rooms can use 1080p FHD displays, larger meeting rooms, board rooms, and fully immersive suites benefit from a 4K/UHD  (3840 x 2160 pixel) resolution.

Because the quality of interaction is paramount to our displays, AG Neovo uses a 4K resolution for Meetboard 3 interactive displays for business

Meetboard interactive display is with 4K ultra HD resolution

1.2 Size

Naturally, size matters too.

When deciding on the size of an interactive flat panel display to suit your business needs, take a moment to consider the size of the meeting room. It’s also worth thinking of the size of the potential audience you’ll have for your interactive screen. 

There’s no specific rule when choosing a display screen size that fills the meeting room. Typically, 65” is fine for small-to-medium sized spaces or huddle spaces (less than 5 persons), while 75” is suitable for a medium-sized meeting room (5~10 persons), and 86″ is perfect for a board room area and beyond (more than 10 persons). AG Neovo provides 65”75”, and 86” to meet any of your meeting rooms’ requirements.

Screen size vs. room size for AG Neovo Meetboard interactive display

1.3 Connectivity

As a meeting platform, connectivity is another vital facet of a high-performance interactive display.

An interactive display can allow all meeting participants to wirelessly connect via their own notebooks and smartphones, video conferencing equipment, or other internet-enabled devices – helping to make an impression on clients and board members alike.

HDMI, VGA or DisplayPort signal inputs: these inputs allow you to connect to external PC and laptops if any meeting participants or meeting guests would like to use their laptops for presentation purposes.

  • OPS Slot: This enables you to connect to an optional windows-based PC module, and turns your interactive display into a powerful PC.
  • USB 2.0/3.0 & USB-C: These connectivities allow you to connect Meetboard with external devices, like a storage hard drive, to share or save your files from a USB drive. You can also easily connect a webcam, wireless dongle, or video conferencing devices to Meetboard quickly and easily through a single USB-C cable, and wirelessly mirror and touch the screen while charging your devices.
  • LAN & Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module: Whether you use Ethernet or an included Wi-Fi/Bluetooth Module, the interactive flat panel display allows participants to access the Internet.

1.4 Touch & Stylus

Touch functionality is a key feature of interactive whiteboards. It allows participants to write, annotate and operate the platform using either their fingers or a stylus and enables multiple users to draw on the display for group discussion. 

But there are some considerations you need to make when it comes to touch functions. Most interactive flat panel displays support 20 touch points – but this is only from a hardware perspective. This means that although your display has a higher capacity for points, the operating system might limit the flat panel to just 10 touch points. Although the limited points are still considered fine for multiple users to write or draw. 

If you would like to use Windows OS, this operating system will allow as many as 20 touch points. Though, if you would like to use your macOS laptop, you will need to download a driver and install Mac gestures to the display.

Thinking about the meeting scenario, group discussion for idea collaboration will be very important, Meetboard 3 interactive displays for business bundles in two double-headed stylus pens that are capable of being operated simultaneously with two different writing colors.

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2. UI & UX Designs

2.1 Onboard Operating System

When considering your hardware, it’s essential to take the time to weigh up whether your interactive whiteboard is integrated with any onboard operating systems or your display acts only as a large multi-touch screen. Today, many competent interactive displays embed Android OS, allowing you to start meetings in an instant.

AG Neovo Meetboard 3 offers an all-in-one design in this respect, allowing users to tap into its built-in Android OS, you can immediately turn on the interactive display and go for your meeting without the need to connect to any external PC system.

This design is particularly vital when you’re having a huddle meeting, urgent meeting, or some participants bring a laptop for a meeting.

Usability is one of the biggest concerns among adopters of interactive flat panel display technology. Investing in advanced collaborative hardware is a significant show of ambition and adaptability, but it won’t amount to much if managers are unable to use the screen. 

Before purchasing an interactive display for your business, be sure to take a moment to explore its user interface and the user experience it offers.  For meeting purposes, time efficiency and productivity are the key consideration for hosting a meeting. The user interface or any function design should be easy to understand and easy to use, letting all meeting participants engage in the meeting without wasting time on the display operation.

2.2 Home Screen & Customized Assistive Menu

Some high-performance and relatively low-cost displays have a habit of under-investing in the user interface or utilizing a complicated UI which can lead to confusion among users.

AG Neovo Meetboard 3 interactive displays feature a simplified and aesthetic Android UI that springs into action as soon as the home screen launches. There are merely the initial options of choosing a file for your presentation, mirroring mobile devices, launching an application, or initiating annotation functions. 

The best of Meetboard 3 home screen is that the assistive menu on the two sides of the screen is customizable. You can easily drag and drop up to 4 preferred apps and tools on the side toolbars.

2.3 Annotation Tools

Furthermore, Meetboard 3 provides annotation for the best experience. By utilizing an intuitive annotation toolbar capable of offering useful functions with less learning curve when users interact with the flat panel display in real-time.

The first way is the instant annotation tool. This allows you to annotate on different kinds of file formats, including image, video, app, etc. You can choose different colors and brush thicknesses to visualize your idea right on the screen.

2.4 Whiteboard App & Custom Toolbars

The other way is a built-in whiteboard app with more collaborative functions. AG Neovo’s Meetboard whiteboard application provides a user-friendly canvas to import any images, office files, or web pages, and you and your teams can annotate together. You are able to choose a wide variety of colors, brush thicknesses, and also insert tables, and sticky notes to assist in your brainstorming process.

The Meetboard whiteboard app also amazes you with a custom toolbar setting where you can select favorite and frequently used tools displayed on the toolbar.

Again, it’s worth taking some time to explore your needs when picking the right interface for your meeting room. This decision is significant if you’re not the most confident user of collaborative technology.

2.5 Widget Settings

Widget tools are often used on your smartphones, and with AG Neovo Meetboard 3, you can easily place widgets on the home screen to show important information and quickly access frequently visited web pages.

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3. Business Meeting Collaboration

Of course, the aim of the game is collaboration.

But what form of collaboration suits your business needs the most? Are you primarily looking to mirror your displays? Or are you aiming to support and annotate a series of different files in front of dozens of employees? Also, when you are finishing with your meeting, how will you share meeting minutes or how to save your brainstorming ideas or consensus for the follow-up?

Here, you must be aware of just what you’re buying. 

3.1 Screen Mirroring From Mobile Devices

BYOD has been the trend for businesses, working on tablets and mobile phones have become common behavior today, while 67% of employees use personal devices at work. It’s better to consider the mirroring capabilities of your interactive flat panel display. Also, how easy would it be to offer collaboration in your meetings from these mobile devices while checking whether there’s any mirroring application integrated within your flat panel and how it works? 

There are several ways to do wireless presentation or screen mirroring, like using the wireless dongle or installing the software. But is there any new way to mirror your individual devices to the big screen?

Meetboard 3 supports AirPlay, Miracast, and Chromecast screen mirroring. If you want to instantly share images from iPhone/ iPad/ MacBook or Android phones, Airplay and Miracast help you to wirelessly present the multimedia content with ease. If you are using a notebook and Google Documents for the presentation, you are able to use the “cast” function from the Chrome browser. You or your guests invited to the meeting do not need to install any software to do the wireless presentation. And you don’t need to pass an external wireless dongle to the next presenter.

Meetboard 3 Interactive Display Supports wireless Screen Mirroring & Control From Other Devices

Meetboard 3 also integrates Bytello Share App, enabling an easy-to-connect gateway to your meeting participants’ mobile devices, and the display is capable of showing up to 9 devices mirrored on the screen simultaneously. The participants are able to draw or write on their own mobile devices and mirror their contents to Meetboard 3.  

While it’s not considered essential to some, given the role that mobile devices play in bringing interconnectivity to meeting spaces, it’s worth taking a look at whether or not your interactive display developer has a dedicated mobile app for added connectivity. 

3.2 Compatible with Video Conferencing Camera and Software

Video conferencing is one of the key efficient ways to communicate with remote staff or clients. To set up a video conferencing platform on the interactive display, you need to think about whether the display is able to compatible with the all-in-one camera and video conferencing software.

Connecting the camera to the display is easy, one USB port can help to solve this hardware installation. Now, there are a few brands launching interactive displays with a built-in camera as an all-in-one concept. It solves the installation effort and is driver-free. But, the built-in camera specification may not be excellent as dedicated video conferencing brands.

Software is also a key element. There are several popular video conferencing software or app in the market, like Zoom, GoToMeeting, Teams, Skype etc. It is impossible to host or join video conferencing without the software. So, before choosing an interactive whiteboard to be your video conferencing platform, you need to check whether the display provides a built-in video conferencing app or offers a flexible way to install the software.

For example, Meetboard 3 is ready to support most of the current all-in-one video conferencing cameras, like Logitech Meetup. Once the camera is connected to Meetboard via a USB cable, the camera will be automatically active to go. With the Android-based open-source platform, Meetboard 3 supports you to download your preferred video conferencing app’s APK file from the provider’s official websites and install it back on Meetboard 3.

3.3 Support Multiple File Formats

Because many interactive whiteboards are integrated with an Android-based OS, it’s important to make sure they also support Microsoft Office file formats, like Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and PDF – as these files are very commonly used by businesses. Meetboard 3 comes preloaded with WPS Office, an application that supports both Office and PDF files. 

Meetboard 3 WPS Office Applications

3.4 Cloud Drives

Cloud connectivity is another collaborative tool that’s being viewed with increasing importance, as most of us save and share documents via Cloud Drives.

Meetboard 3 provides the cloud drive shortcut so that you can wirelessly access, share and save files and folders that connect to your Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive. Some older devices may be unable to offer satisfactory cloud-based connections, meaning the prospect of more unnecessary wires. Connections to both Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive should be regarded as essential to businesses nowadays.  

3.5 QR Code Scan and Save

AG Neovo constantly looks at fresh ways to ensure that your approach to collaboration is as seamless as possible, and the Meetboard 3 supports QR Code scanning to provide fresh avenues for mobile devices to download files with ease. You’ll no longer need to use your mobile phone to take a picture to save your meeting files and spend time using a document application to adjust to the images. QR Code scan and save is able to download exact files as you see them on Meetboard 3. 

3.6 Embedded Email Application, A “Must Have” Feature! 

Sharing by email is a unique feature within the Meetboard Whiteboard App based on the consideration of different meeting scenarios occurring all the time, like Internet/Wi-Fi connection problems, privacy and security issues, etc. 

While many displays can share annotated contents by saving files to a connected USB or cloud drive, AG Neovo’s Meetboard goes on the extra step. One of the biggest problems in meeting room scenarios is USB connectivity, with access to storage devices prohibited due to security issues and virus concerns. So, how can you save files and take them with you? 

There’s also the issue of privacy. Why should anyone log in to their Google account to access files while in a meeting room? If you forgot to log out after you save your files, you might expose your account information or every file in your cloud drive. 

Additionally, in some scenarios, Wi-Fi is also restricted in the meeting room or the entire company. How can you share or mirror your presentations or files from your mobile devices to the interactive flat panel display? Or even use QR Code scan and save as AG Neovo offers?

You can directly compose emails from the Meetboard App and send out the files without the need to use an external PC. Before the meeting, you can send files to the Meetboard email account, so you don’t need to bring a laptop to the meeting. When the meeting finishes, you can also send out the meeting minutes, just like you send out an email the way you are doing every working day.  

The most important advantage of the email function that differs from various sharing functions is the efficiency of bringing all your attendants in line with the meeting conclusion. Unlike saving files into a USB drive, or cloud drive, where the files are saved by individuals. In this case, the files would still need to be sent to others again from whoever saves the files, queuing to save files to USB drives or cloud drives one by one, or asking whoever saves the files to email them out later on.

Once you capture all of your team’s ideas, you can instantly compose an email that can be sent to all participants at once – keeping your teams in line with the meeting consensus for follow-up.  

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6 Tips to Pick the Best Interactive Displays for Business Collaborations

1. Screen Sizes: Always Keep Your Audience in Mind

The most important consideration is your audience. Interactive flat panel displays can suit different meeting rooms, but the overall goal should be to create a system that keeps employees, clients, and board members engaged. If your teams typically consist of around a few members, it could be best to save money and buy a 65″ screen. If a meeting room typically squeezes in over 10 personnel, it could make more sense to invest in a larger flat panel display to keep everyone engaged. 

Screen size vs. room size for interactive flat panel display

2. UI/ UX Design: Cater to All Potential Users

Caters to your strengths and those of prospective users. In certain industries or traditional companies, there may be managers who are unaware of more modern collaborative practices. In this case, spend more time looking for user-friendly models as opposed to those that are brimful of complex features. Be sure to look out for user reviews too, which will often cover ease of use.

3. Compatibility & Accessibility: USB Drives, Cloud, Samba and FTP Service 

When exploring your interactive whiteboard options, take some time to look at the types of presentation files your business uses. Compatibility is an often overlooked part of the buying process for collaboration tools but can save users plenty of hours in getting up to speed with things. 

Accessibility is also critical for meeting attendees. You need to access and transfer meeting files quickly between your local PC and the interactive whiteboard.

Meetboard 3 allows you to easily access, share and transfer your files via USB Drives, Cloud Drives, and even an advanced setting with Samba and FTP services, ensuring the highest data security while you accessing files with other local users.

4. Wireless Presentation: Screen Mirroring from BYOD Users 

We live in an interconnected world. So much so that lots of business is conducted on mobile devices today. Consider the mirroring capabilities of the displays you wish to buy, and check if the interactive whiteboard you’re looking for supports wirelessly screen mirror technology and includes a powerful screen-sharing app, Bytello Share. 

Bytello Share App on Meetboard 3 offers the possibility of simultaneous mirroring from 9 devices at any one time. Such features can be a real asset to businesses that have more remote workers. 

People are using screen mirroring technology on Meetboard

5. Email to All: Keep in Line with The Results

How will you share your information post-presentation? It can be a troubling and time-consuming thing to email presentations to all participants following a meeting. But AG Neovo features a unique asset in that its built-in email function can send fully detailed, annotated swathes of data to all users with ease. 

If you intend to bring convenience to meeting minutes’ distribution, this particular factor could be vital.

6. Video Conferencing Ready: Connect to Your Colleagues Remotely

Working remotely poses many difficulties to business owners. That’s especially true when you’re navigating teams that require a great deal of collaboration to accomplish the tasks at hand. 

Luckily, working remotely is being transformed with the interactive display. Meetboard 3 brings you a video conference ready, that lets your employees and teams connect no matter where in the nation they are.  If you’re looking for a video conference collaboration tool that helps your business succeed as a remote team, you’re in the right place.

A group of people is using Meetboard 3 interactive display for meeting

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Interactive whiteboards are a giant evolutionary leap for company collaboration practices. They enable a level of meeting and conference room engagement that’s never been possible before, with high-quality multimedia content and interactive features that can be digested and edited in real time. 

The technology may appear complex at times, but with the right operating system, wireless screen mirroring, and USB-C connectivity, many interactive displays can be operated with ease and a relatively small learning curve for managers and employers alike. 

AG Neovo has looked to prioritize ease-of-use alongside comprehensive business collaboration technology within Meetboard 3. Dual-stylus annotations and multi-device compatibility are intertwined in an Android-based operating system that’s designed to be instantly recognizable and understandable to users. 

With the added option of a range of sharing functions, AG Neovo Meetboard 3 helps you and your team stay on the same track after your meeting and provide your business with the technological platform to collaborate in confidence long into the future.


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