Digital Signage in Emergency Situations

Delivering emergency messaging on AG Neovo's digital signage displays

Reach everyone when they need it the most

Digital signage is probably the most convenient way of getting information during an emergency. You can set up displays anywhere; they are easy to grab people’s attention in hallways, lobbies, and even outdoor areas, this means you can reach people in specific areas and provide information of vital importance.

Information tailored to the situation

Every emergency is different, and digital signage can do much more for you than just showing generic messages. Want to remind people to hide under desks during an earthquake, or stay away from elevators during a fire? Want to guide employees to the nearest emergency exit according to their current location? This is all possible with Neovo Signage.

Neovo Signage integrates with existing emergency systems

Most digital signage solutions offer a way for you to access a CMS either via a PC or a mobile device. This requires you to have a dedicated person to be ready to broadcast emergency messages during a disaster; this costs a lot and reaction times can make a life-saving difference.

What if all your displays could instantly react to a fire alert? Neovo Signage can seamlessly be part of your safety protocols by integrating with your existing emergency systems. As soon as a fire alarm pull station is switched on, a trigger from an External Device Connector automatically activates the corresponding emergency message on all your displays. No more human-caused delays, no more tapping or clicking! Implement a smart digital signage solution for your emergency messaging today with Neovo Signage.